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Cargo Storage

This section describes transportation and delivery in the logistics functions and the core functions of storage and cargo handling. Storage is a typical term and easy to understand, but cargo handling can be more difficult to imagine because it involves loading and unloading at a warehouse or logistics center, transportation, warehousing management, sorting, and assortment. We need a solid understanding of these functions because they make up a large portion of logistics costs.

What Is the Receiving Inspection?

Retailers typically purchase products to sell and sell those products to the end user. In manufacturing, the necessary raw materials and parts are purchased and shipped as products. In logistics as well, cargo is accepted, inspected, stored, and shipped to markets each day.

1.Cargo is received.
2.Received cargo is inspected.
3.Goods are warehoused.
4.Goods are stored and distribution processing and packaging is performed.

First, received cargo is verified against the receiving cargo list and the products, quantities, and quality are inspected. The inspection may also involve an acceptance inspection, and if there is no problem with the received cargo, the goods are entered into warehouse. Later, the goods are stored and distribution processing and packaging is performed as necessary. Warehousing and inspection data management can be recorded on paper in a ledger if the volume is low, but generally this is performed with handheld computers in warehouses and logistics centers that receive a large volume of cargo. Inventory management can be performed on cargo from storage to shipping based on the data obtained using a handheld computer when the cargo was received and inspected. This flow that took time to record on paper can now be performed smoothly and accurately.

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